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The confinement, which the Spanish society has been forced to meet due to the health crisis has put on the table everything that we don’t like our homes. The developers have taken note of these shortcomings in order to renew the design of their residences to the new needs . This valuable lesson will allow buyers of the morning to enjoy even more of your choices in real estate. In the portal pisos.com we wanted to make a review for the trends in construction and design that characterized the houses in the morning:

1. Single-family homes . Stay at home 24 hours a day has given rise to solidarity between neighbours, but also some friction. The constant noise in the blocks of flats have led to visualize the chalets as the asset most desired. Although the new work will focus on single-family housing, the limitations of developable land from certain cities will continue to tying the promotion to the building height. In any case, these residential blocks will have a higher quality.

2. Natural light . The deprivation of sunlight to be so much time locked up at home has not been favorable for our state of health, especially for those whose home lacks a space open to the outside. It is very possible that tomorrow’s households give priority to the installation of large windows and spacious terraces. The artificial light will continue to be important, given that will help to create environments. This relaxing effect be enhanced with the warmth that exudes the use of light colors.

3. Multi-purpose spaces . Our living room has exceeded its traditional role, becoming an office, a gym, a place of meditation or college. Instead of building larger homes are eligible for plan stays versatile that are able to adapt to the needs of the demand. Also, the kitchens will tend to stop being independent, to be integrated in the living-dining room. The transformation of the rooms will be based on sliding doors and sliding partitions.

4. Outdoor . If there is a stay that has been formed as the image of this pandemic is the terrace or the balcony. The outdoors have helped us to stay connected with the feeling of the society. The open spaces free of enclosures will be part of the list of must-haves of the majority of those who want to be owners in the short and medium term. In this sense, there will be two types that will ravage in reserves: low with garden and penthouses.

5. Common areas . The trend that will dominate in the urban areas of new work that we will see in the next few years will be to transform these complexes into something similar to a hotel. In this sense, the common spaces will become essential. From gyms to child care, passing by rooms social, saunas, movie theaters, barbecue or coworking. In the end, the buildings will be like small cities in which the facilities available will respond to the requests of the neighbors demanding.