(Ottawa) Prime Minister and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau refused again on Friday to commit to presenting a plan to return to balanced budgets, even if a resolution from the Quebec wing of his party is adopted by the members gathered in congress.

“The most important thing for me is to create a strong and resilient economy in which we can continue to invest and create good jobs. We know that it is essential to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, which we are still doing, ”replied Mr. Trudeau in a press scrum.

He has repeatedly avoided answering questions directly from reporters trying to clarify whether this is a priority for him, whether or not the resolution passes.

However, these arguments clearly do not convince Quebec activists whose resolution does not pass by four roads. She demands that the Liberal Party of Canada give itself a “quantified and clear proposal” to return to a balanced budget and that it “be part of the party’s electoral platform” for the next election.

The members explain in the preamble that the federal debt rose from 30% of GDP in 2015/2016 — when the Liberals came to power — to almost 50% in 2021/2022, which “concerns many Canadians” although that it remains “proportionally reasonable” in comparison to that of other major countries in the world.

They also note that Canadians will “undoubtedly place significant importance” on the presence of a program to reduce the debt and return to balanced budgets when choosing a party to govern the country in the next election.

In its most recent budget, which was tabled last March, the Trudeau government gave up on its projection of a return to balanced budgets in five years.

Friday morning, Mr. Trudeau put the weight of the request from the Quebec wing into perspective, believing that it is only one of the many resolutions which will cause “great debates between Liberals” and which will be voted on Saturday.

“We will look at what will be the recommendations and the perspective of the party and its activists,” he said without making any commitment.

The delegates present at the congress will have to vote on about thirty resolutions. Some are proposing that the age required to vote in federal elections be lowered to 17, to establish a guaranteed basic income and to establish an electric high-speed train in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.

The National Convention of the Liberal Party of Canada continues until Saturday. On Friday, the former US Secretary of State and former Democratic candidate who faced Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, will be present to address members of the PLC.