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finally, The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo will open on the 6th of november, its first store in Belgium, in the province of The. The chain on Wednesday will be announced.

In the Netherlands, and Jumbo the second-largest supermarket, with more than 650 stores. The chain was already known for the step up to the Belgium show. There is now a date and location on it: the first store in The on the 6th of november. According to Peter, and Isaac, managing director at Jumbo Belgium, Belgium, leave plenty of room for the Jumbo formulation. “Jumbo wants to use the formula for the Belgian supermarket landscape renewal, what it sounds like.

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as of the end of the year, there will also be a Jumbo, is in a central location in Rijkevorsel, so it was already well-known. By 2020, there will still be some 12 to 15 new stores in Flanders in the program. In the long term will see the supermarket chain and the potential for over 100 stores in Belgium, the chain is rather to know it.

in The previous, a Dutch supermarket chain which, for Belgium, was in the Albert Heijn centenary in 2011. In the meantime-AH, here are more than 40 stores, and in the coming years, a further 30% to 50 need to relax a bit.