as for the ministers of the government of Ham, I have been ingezworen, as they are all in the discussion. At his party congress, said the CD&V-president and the Flemish minister of well – being, Wouter Beke: “I do believe that there are a lot of people are saying that Francken is to tweet while we are in the negotiations. But I will take it with Us, < / I> (Crevits, eds.) , as a witness, since at no time has that tweeter on the central table, sat down. It’s not because you shout that you will negotiate.”

Theo Francken was stung by a wasp. “In the slotspeech drop off at the co-negotiator. Many weeks of constructive negotiations about the social integration and education. Why do we need it? I don’t understand well.” He wrote on Twitter.

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More about the N-VA, “A Homans” leading lady “of the government to a citizen of Flanders, 302 pages, 697 of times the word “Flemish”, and four of the painful conclusions of the N-VA: round of Applause, round of applause and a round of applause Interview with Jan Jambon: “If it’s confederalisme, the only limitation is, we have to consider that”