Finland Secures First Batch of EU Procured Bird Flu Vaccines

The European Union has finalized a deal to provide Finland with its first batch of bird flu vaccines. The initial contract is for 665,000 doses, but Finland has the option to purchase up to 40 million doses over the next four years.

The agreement was made possible through the Health Emergency Response Authority (HERA), which has been in negotiations with CSL Seqirus, a pharmaceutical company, for several months. HERA approached CSL Seqirus last year to request an update to its zoonotic flu vaccine to target the prevailing avian flu strain. In order to proceed with the adaptation, CSL Seqirus required a minimum sales guarantee to ensure profitability. This guarantee was provided through the joint procurement efforts of HERA.

The zoonotic influenza vaccine developed by CSL Seqirus received approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in April, paving the way for its distribution to Finland.

Please note that the article has been updated to reflect the correct number of doses and the accurate company name.