Caught due to Corona – Finally out from the four walls nThe wheelchair athlete with Lockdown abruptly out of your training operation has been ripped. Now a little normality is returning.Jörg Greb0 comment purely Nottwil Manuela can turn warping from now on their rounds. The Marathon series champion is pleased to trips with the dog in the woods back to “tempo rides in the Wheelchair”.Photo: Urs Flüeler/Keystone

Now it is possible again to what was previously a matter of course. The wheelchair athletes Marcel Hug, Manuela Schär, Heinz Frei and many others can train on the circular railway at the Swiss Paraplegic centre in Nottwil. Since the Lockdown at 16. March was closed, the plant.

Not only is the Training now effective, also the Social and human returns. Quite typically, the operation of the system, however, by no means. “We follow the Swiss Olympic-approved protection concept”, says Trainer Paul or Matt. The common rules are mandatory: It will be alone or in small groups, trained with the Coach. Showers, change clothes, relax – all this is not possible. The activities follow a clearly defined Plan.

Still, speaks, or Matt from “an important step” and says: “home Alone in the basement, or to train wherever, day after day, it depends.”

“me not, I feel comfortable.”

Manuela Schär, athlete

Manuela Schär, the Marathon series champion, agrees: “The return on the train is a big step in the direction of normality.” Everyday life in the last two months has changed you greatly. After you had set up very quickly for the Training at home in your apartment in Kriens and set on it, reduced its Radius solid. The work you completed in your home office. In the course of training, the strength training in the gym and the physiotherapy fell by the wayside. In addition, they refused to units on the road: “To me, I don’t feel comfortable.”

“We, the athletes had lost to us virtually out of sight.”

Marcel Hug, Athlete

Instead, she improvised, as she calls it. About it she moved in with her dog and the Everyday wheelchair in the forest. The possibility to be able to Nottwil on the train to return, it assesses: “I am looking forward enormously in the Wheelchair again, tempo rides, lie down, and to be able to exact distances to tackle, even if I’m going to do this alone.”

the merits of The return, underlines Marcel Hug also. He, too, had moved his training to everyday life in the own four walls. In contrast to warping it has drawn him again and again on the road. Nevertheless, he realized how much he missed “The whole Setting got messed up. With the track training for the possibility of returns to vary,” says Hug. He estimates that the additional variety, as well as the more frequent contacts. “We, the athletes had lost to us virtually out of sight.”

challenging the uncertain prospects. Not only the Paralympics fall away, respectively, are postponed to 2021, competitions on the track are likely to remain very scarce this summer.

Marcel Hug (right) missed Training and the other athletes. Photo: Keystone

And that in the autumn of the marathon, come to the harvest, also seems rather unlikely: Chicago, New York and Oita, and in the autumn moved 42,195 kilometers from London, Boston and Paris are on the Brink. It is clear only: The Berlin-Marathon by the end of September is cancelled.

This clouded view is not the reason why Heinz has Free the racing Wheelchair last set aside. Not Corona-related cut back, and after a long and successful career. Rather, says: “I concentrated fully on the hand bike, and trained with this larger than ever before on the road.” It is accordingly an outstanding Form. Free says: “it’s a Pity that I can not prove.”

Despite the extraordinary Situation of the veteran, who has controlled his tenth summer Paralympic games, speaks of a “Déjà-vu. Not only for me but for all of us.” You would have to find by your accidents and Handicaps earlier and in the power of positive Thinking to prove their worth.

with Respect to the slowly returning sports for everyday says: “I’m really hungry, for example, on the plastic track in Nottwil.”

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