Eat in the Rubina – finally, a small sugar surplus our visit in the middle of the Restaurant took to anticipate, what to do this summer, increasingly: the holiday in their own country. It was adorable.Salome Müller1 Kommentar1Wie in the living room: The Restaurant Rubina in the University district.Photo: Sabina Bobst

the owner of Désirée Eggli is located in person, to third, as we the Restaurant Rubina in the abandoned University to enter quarters. Something separated, we sit down at a round table by the window. Eggli keeps a polite distance and called us, once again, welcome. She does it sincerely, as we would have returned after a long absence. We feel ourselves in the brightly-painted, wood-paneled room like in a good room.

As the living room is also the Restaurant Rubina, a family history carries with it: ruby is the family name of Egglis mother, ruby, of the family of precious stone, ruby, that’s why the facade is. In April, the Rubina wanted to celebrate its 10-year anniversary – the Lockdown pressed forward.

Three times in an emphatic ‘ Yes ‘

this is the first Saturday night since the relaxations in the lovely spring mood promises a lot of possibilities and a gentle Tickle. If we want to taste the sparkling wine, a Pinot Noir from Zurich young winemaker Simone Monstein? Three times a definite Yes.

The menu offers traditional Swiss cuisine with a French extravagance, in addition to Pre – and main dishes are also listed three delight menus: Choose we can) between a 4-course menu with fish, meat or vegetarian version (the 88 Fr.. We opt for a two-three-goers (74 Fr.) and a main course from the normal map.

For Starter, we take the white asparagus salad with raspberry Vinaigrette with hazelnut and sorrel, as a Hors-d’oeuvre of the pike-buffer on asparagus Ragout, sorrel and Schnittlauchöl. For the main dish we order once Swiss char with sourdough crust on white asparagus with Gnocchi, Capuns on asparagus Ragout with herb-almond crust and fresh Erbsli, as well as the meatloaf Muffin from the calf to Pilzjus on Bramata-Polenta with herb salad (36 Fr.). A Petite Arvine from the Valais.

Small journey through rivers, forests, over mountains

Culinary we move all the way across the Switzerland – we make a small journey through rivers, forests, over mountains and stay again and again in wonder are.

“Extremely fine”: a White asparagus salad with raspberry Vinaigrette with hazelnut and sorrel.Photo: Sabina Bobst

The portions are nice done, not too big but filling. Especially the asparagus salad and the main dishes were the “top” and “extremely fine,” as the Girlfriends are. Also, the Desserts have us convinced: the White chocolate Parfait with strawberries and almonds, carrot cuts with peanut butter glaze and sour rahmglace, as well as the semolina flan with rhubarb compote and vanilla Brösmeli were very sweet but also very fruity and refreshing.

The small sugar surplus makes us happy in the night, as the Rubina closes at 23 PM. Now we are tired, but we have this vague Hunger for more – maybe that is typically Swiss?

We must hurry. There’s only little time remains until the police hour.

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