The scientific value of the successful Chinese Expedition to the moon can assess the lay poorly. The prestige value of the trip to the moon, of course, is not to be denied. Although the people’s Republic comes a few decades later than the Americans and Russians. But at the latest with the safe landing of a probe on the sun-facing side of the moon, China has achieved what it is aiming for it for a long time persistently: It’s powers on a par with the “old” space. This is the logical consequence of a policy that wants to lead China in all areas of the world. To hear a “proper” great power, one presence in the universe today.

The aims of China, apparently permanently, in the form of a space station, how they operate, Europeans, Americans and Russians in a long time. China builds already now an exclusive competition event to the International space station, is mainly due to the Americans, who had rejected a few years ago a participation of China. It fits but it’s also good for the self-understanding of a leadership that preaches inside a increasingly aggressive nationalism. If China starts with anyone community projects, then, under the condition that it leads to self-command.