Two things had been able to hear the Danish handball player for weeks and read That you had the Chance to write in Danish sports history – and that this view could, however, also be a maximum load. Now Nikolaj Jacobsen but never as anything at all a burden to him. The Danish coach went through the whole big home tournament with the only goal to win game to game and at the end of the first Time world champion with Denmark. And he went on his way undeterred by this first title.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

The didn’t have to be always pretty, Jacobsen played basically with only nine field players, he renounced a left-hander in the back room – which was perceived in the hand-ball enthusiasts Kingdom and criticized. Twice already a favourite of Denmark was in the final after a magnificent Play collapses; in 2013, against Spain, and a year later, with a home game against France at the European Championships. This couldn’t be happening again. As sovereign of this team then on Sunday evening crowned, leaving only the conclusion that Jacobsen had a lot of things right.

installation, setup, tactics: As a team of enthusiasts, at the height of their creative power and let the Norwegians have no Chance. Already at 18:11, Rasmus lye just before the break threw, everything was ready for the big Party in the “Jyske Bank Box”. 24:15 by Morten Olsen in the 45. Minute then everything went final. Because the goalkeeper Niklas Landin showed his best tournament performance, it was no longer a danger, and the Danes came as a team, closed a 31:22 victory. And Jacobsen was under the cheers of the 15 000 spectators all the benchwarmers play.

Louder wins in a Red-and-White

From the first game against Chile to the final volume of victories succeeded the red-and-white, serious problems there never was, France was swept in the semi-finals of the hall – it was no stroll to the title, but on Sunday evening the deserved Champion was crowned. For Mikkel Hansen, the Danish leader, and his since then, largely unchanged team, this title is the second major after the Olympic Gold from Rio in 2014. Jacobsen has succeeded as a Coach, something he was denied as a player.