Filou of Ostend, this week bye in the Belgian league, and has two of the Polish first graders easily defeated in a driehoekstornooi to the Future.

Filou of Ostend, which is Friday night, with 70-83 against Slask Wroclaw have won this evening with a 68-90 victory recorded by Asseco Arka Gdynia, where the winner of the previous regular season in Poland. The Belgian recordkampioenen reported 6-26 rush in the fourth company. Simon Buysse reported in a 29’53” to Gdynia, to the best of computerevaluatie, thanks to the 13 points (from 2 to 4 tweepunters and 3-on-3 hits total), 3 rebounds, and 2 assists.

you can be Against Slask Wroclaw was especially Amar Sylla, who, in the Belgian league, not speelgerechtigd is due to the non-payment of a transfer charge to the FIBA, a lot of playing time of 32’45”. The Senegalese had 14 points (7 of 11 tweepunters, 0, 2 triples, and 0 to 3 vrijworpen), 7 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Both races were kaderden at the Memorial for Adam Wojcik, a herdenkingstornooi two years ago, a Polish legend Adam Wojcik, who in the nineteen-nineties, to the t-shirts of the Corresponding Oostende and Spirou Charleroi is messed up.

Thus, the team of coach Dario Gjergja for this summer, twelve friendly matches, all won. That’s a dozen victories, which resulted in the victories of the you will enjoy the tournament to the Chinese, Huzhou, and the Trophy by Aviva, in Bourges, france, and the Memorial for Adam Wojcik of the Polish Wroclaw. The Belgian recordkampioen should be three new trophies in his well-filled cabinet in place.