For weeks we talk about Angela Merkel’s retreat on Rates, a far greater, Germany here Era, leaning toward its end: Heino, the singing hazelnut cake, Heino, folk music giant from Dusseldorf Oberbilk, the pre-recorded half a century, the echo chamber of the German soul (and what were going to hike this tempted soul at the bottom of their existence for each other as love, the rock seems to be these days?), Heino so, on Thursday, Jolly eighty years old, wants to cede the stage. This time for good. The last Album of the woofer, and has far sold more than fifty million records, knödelt for the last Time by (neo)Teutonic feeling of hymns like “Mack the knife” to “days like these”.

Moving was the farewell is especially because you no longer had long been expected that the age of this heavily mocked, pompous people, so near and yet so unreachable Stars ever could. The is not like a cross of Andy Warhol and Freddy Quinn at the end, for a number of years as a thunderstorm-Thor disguising grace at the end of Heino, who was always blonder than Blondie, bebrillter than any of the Proll-Rapper and home connected, as our interior Minister, is this the coolest German singer an ageless art figure? But no, Karamba, Karacho, he goes.

Heino on all channels

goodbye there’s Heino on all channels. For the ZDF on historical topics specialized film maker Jörg Müllner has shot a portrait. To come in addition to Heino and Hannelore therein, a companion word, there are the usual experts in quark, Tour, images, archive material, a lax trailing scene found a lot of Information. With regard to the originality of the air is upwards, but even so, it is clear that the secret of Heino’s his secret of impotence. There is nothing to reveal, no message, no secret Agenda, urge. Not even compositionally, Heinz Georg Kramm like to perpetuate. For his dream of a music career, he hung in the Baker’s profession to the nail, but it was enough for him fully to be a Singer, not a Songwriter. And what would he sing exactly, for he was shooting in an amazing way from the beginning.

First, trilled Heino with the Ok Singers Freddy Quinn’s songs. Money you did not earn. Then the beautiful sentence: “In Quakenbrück the tide is turning.” Here the bard in 1965, met the producers, Ralf Bendix, who proposed to him two pieces: “the title and music, was all the same to me, basically,” says Heino. It is neither hit nor Elvis-Rock, but a folk song was random; the Text came from the anti-Semites Börries von Münchhausen. “Beyond the valley”, cut the fourth -, Homo-erotic verse (and its core), by the hundred thousand mark.

Subversive was nothing

throughout His career, Heino listened to the advice of his Manager. That was a long time pleasing glossed-songs for the Generation of migrant bird. It should be but, as in the year 2013, the reinvention as a Rock-Heino, put on the brave Baritonist a riveting cowl and Rammstein or Doctors sang Songs. That Heino was not familiar with most of the pieces already, doesn’t hide his more likeable producer Martin Ernst. Subversive was nothing to it, but the effect is all the greater: Suddenly, the folk-song of the soul of the German Pop-Rock. The blunt Rammstein-circus about came first with Heino to yourself, the “R” rolled in a circle. The summit of refined travesty in literature Tocotronics “surrender” as the perfect game the man song (the low point of the cheap stadium rock on the Album, “ass card” from 2016).