FIFA President anticipates FIFA World Cup 26™

• Gianni Infantino excited for FIFA World Cup 26™ kick-off in 2026
• Tournament to begin in Mexico City on 11 June 2026
• Qualifying matches ongoing in various regions

FIFA President Gianni Infantino is eagerly awaiting the start of the FIFA World Cup 26™, which is set to kick off in Mexico City on 11 June 2026. With exactly two years to go, Infantino expressed his enthusiasm for what he believes will be the greatest event in the history of the tournament.

The upcoming World Cup will be the most inclusive yet, featuring a record 48 teams and being hosted by 16 cities across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Infantino emphasized the significance of the event and the excitement building up as the days draw closer.

The Estadio Azteca Mexico City, one of the tournament venues, will make history by hosting the opening matches of the FIFA World Cup for the third time. Infantino highlighted the stadium’s iconic status and the legendary moments that have taken place there in the past.

As qualifying matches continue to determine the teams that will compete in the tournament, preparations are well underway in the host nations. The collaboration between authorities, stadium owners, and local communities is ensuring that everything is on track for a successful event.

With various milestones approaching, including qualifying draws and ticketing updates, fans can look forward to being part of the biggest FIFA World Cup to date. The anticipation is high as the world gears up for this global sporting spectacle in 2026.