Fietsster (63) from Wevelgem to be in a critical condition following accident with truck


Wevelgem / Antwerp –

A 63-year-old woman in Wevelgem is a Saturday morning in Antwerp, under a truck, too.

Linda D., rode a bike all over the Gullegemstraat in Antwerp, when she was struck by a truck in the motorway A19 direction Ieper (ypres wanted to join. The woman came in with her electric bike, under the truck, and had to fire her from her perilous position to be saved. The woman was conscious when she got to the hospital and was discharged but her condition is still very critical. This is attested to politiewoordvoerder De Vannieuwenhuyse, the police Grensleie.

The driver of a Slovak origin, the woman is not likely going to be a classic dodehoekongeval. Or is it the fact that the woman with the electric bike effect it had on the accident, according to the spokesman, Vannieuwenhuyse, are not clear. The public prosecutor’s office of West-Flanders, department of Kortrijk and sent to an expert in the field.

the accident occurred, there was a period of congestion at the access and exit system. The entrance in the direction of Ypres, was a couple of hours is accessible, and the fire department was to be managed, the traffic in the surrounding streets.