Female Deputies Awarded $1.5 Million Settlement for Alleged Misconduct by Male Colleagues

A group of female deputies in Texas has reached a $1.5 million settlement after accusing their male colleagues of engaging in inappropriate behavior during undercover ‘bachelor party’ prostitution stings. The deputies, Liz Gomez, Marissa Sanchez, Felecia McKinney, Jasmine Huff, and whistleblower Jacquelyn Alutto, claimed that the operation led by Assistant Chief Deputy Chris Gore turned into a scene of drunken misconduct and sexual exploitation. The women alleged that they were forced to give lap dances, wear revealing clothing, and purchase sex toys with taxpayer funds. One disturbing allegation was that McKinney was instructed to allow herself to be raped as part of the operation. The female deputies, who had received minimal training for undercover work, also reported being fondled and kissed by their supervisory officer during the stings.
The lawsuit further claimed that Alutto, an anti-trafficking advocate, was pushed out of her role after speaking out against the behavior. The women stated that they faced retaliation for reporting the misconduct. In one instance, McKinney was sent to a massage parlor during an operation and was raped by a known sexual offender, despite there being enough evidence for an arrest prior to the assault. Gomez, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, alleged that she was subjected to continuous sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and ridicule by Gore. She claimed that she was ordered to purchase provocative outfits and sex toys with county funds for the stings. Additionally, Deputy Lt Shane Rigdon was accused of sexual misconduct by Huff, who claimed he exposed and fondled her during one of the operations.
Constable Alan Rosen, who approved the undercover operations, was initially named in the complaint but was later ruled out by a judge. Rosen stated that an internal investigation found no violations of law or policy and that the women had not submitted a formal complaint. Constables in Texas have the same powers as city police officers or sheriff’s deputies and can investigate, arrest, and use force in suspected criminal activities.
The settlement was welcomed by the female deputies and their attorney, Cordt Akers, who stated that his clients were relieved to have the matter resolved. The case sheds light on the importance of addressing misconduct in law enforcement and ensuring the safety and well-being of all officers involved in operations.
DailyMail.com has reached out to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Gore and Rigdon, for comments on the allegations.