No Training due to corona crisis – Federer: “Maybe the world needs to restart”in the light of the Corona-crisis language Federer with his old Brazilian rival Guga Kuerten via Video for the first time to the public serious about the pandemic. René Stauffer0 comment Roger Federer jokes with Gustavo Kuerten. Instagram

Brazil has officially 347’398 Infected now, most of Corona cases according to the United States, and the number of cases more rapidly. To ask, not idly, launched Brazil’s former tennis hero Gustavo Kuerten, a Video-conference call with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, to win you for your Support for the action of “Winning together” – “together” – watch. In order to be helped in Brazil, over 30’000 families.

“If you call, I’m always here for you. Because you were always one of my favorite players,” said Federer, who was from Switzerland. It was no doubt open to how this epidemic touches. “We have to go through it all together, the whole world is in front of the Virus on the knees.” The 20-times Grand Slam winner appealed to all to support each other. “It doesn’t matter whether we are in Switzerland or in Brazil. All of them are concerned, there is little reliable information, and we are fighting against an invisible enemy. Therefore, we need to help each other.”

reboot after the pandemic

Federer serious expected long-term consequences of this pandemic. “We must not underestimate the Problem of mental health. It is important to seek help or to support each other, when it will be over.” The 38-year-old was also in principle when he said: “it was a restart, the people and the world needed maybe.”

once Again philosophically meanwhile Djokovic. “This is psychologically and spiritually a Wake-up call to understand who we really are and what really matters – namely, the health and the family. But how many people really living their life accordingly?” Now all the time had, for once, but to deal much more with the spouses and the children.

Old companions: in 2004, lost to Federer in the Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten in Roland Garros 4:6, 4:6, 4:6. KEYSTONE

Kuerten The aim of Gustavo, a three-times French Open winner, and other Brazilian sports personalities, is to collect 10 million dollars by this action “vencendo juntos”. The action was supported on Saturday by a major TV Show in Brazil.

In an interview with Kuerten, Federer also admitted that he has currently set the Training. “To be honest, I see no purpose. I am satisfied with my physical condition, but I think that much time will pass until it goes off again. In my opinion, it is at the present time my career is important to take advantage of this break mentally after I’ve already played so much Tennis. The tennis tour is missing me terribly. This will be the case if it goes off again and I prepare myself for the competitions. Then I’ll be super motivated.”

Federer also made it clear that he stands against tournaments in front of empty spectators. “I hope that it won’t come to that. I would rather wait a little longer, but then again, in front of an audience to play, as before. Or that the large Courts are at least filled to half or a third.”

Sometimes we make crazy each other.

Roger Federer

he professional animals at the moment to spend a lot of time with his family. “We were never more than five weeks in a row at home, since my first knee surgery in 2016. This is a big Moment for us as a family.” He admitted: “Sometimes we make crazy each other, like all families. But we are in good health, our friends and our family to the Virus have not had. In spite of the difficult circumstances we are doing well.”

For Djokovic, meanwhile, is already clear: “life and God have a beneficial plans for all of us. That is what I believe. Also for Brazil. I love you all.”

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