Federal President of Germany Steinmeier: Argue pianissimo


Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, reminded in his address to Christmas because of the will and the ability to compromise are the basis of democracy. Steinmeier said: “to find A compromise is not a weakness” but a strength of the democracy. The Federal President turned in his pre-recorded television address, which will be broadcast on the evening of the first Christmas holiday that the citizens of the country and appealed to you to come back more to talk to each other, to prevent a threatened split in the society. “Let us ensure that our society remains in the conversation,” said the head of state.

Peter Carstens

Political correspondent in Berlin

F. A. Z.

In many countries is to observe what happens when the companies drifted apart, if a page with the other could barely talk without the sparks fly away. Steinmeier said: “We have witnessed the burning barricades in Paris, the depth of the political divisions in the United States, in great Britain before the Brexit, tear samples for Europe in Hungary, Italy and elsewhere.” Also Germany was not protected against such developments. There is also with us in the Land of uncertainty, Fears and anger.

Therefore, the conversation and the search for compromises is important. In the opinion of the Federal President, there are such defects in the microstructure of the Republic. Steinmeier described it thus: “I have the impression that we Germans always have to talk less to each other. And even more rarely do we listen to each other. Wherever you look, especially in the social media: Since it is gifted, since the noise and the daily outrage is.“

His recommendation to the feast of Christmas is this: “We have to re-learn, to argue, without foaming at the mouth, and learn our differences to endure. Who has the dispute, can get back together,“ said Steinmeier. And then the President expressed, in addition to good Wishes for all, even his Christmas wish to his countrymen: “to Talk with people who are not of their opinion! You speak very aware of time with someone, you may have an opinion, but otherwise not a word would have changed.“