Federal office for the environment receives a Boss – Schneeberger is the new FOEN Director, indie from Berne has worked in the Federal office for roads. Now you will take care of the climate policy. 1 Kommentar1Sie is the new FOEN Director: Katrin snow mountain keystone

Katrin Schneeberger new Director of the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) is. The Federal Council announced on Thursday. The 52-year-old from Berne is currently for the Federal roads office (Astra), and since 2015 she is the Deputy Director.

The new function in the FOEN Schneeberger delivers on 1. September 2020. Until then, the Federal office of the Deputy Director Christine Hofmann is led on an interim basis. Snow Berger’s predecessor, Marc Chardonnens resigned last year for health reasons, and this April, passed away.

Schneeberger had studied at the University of Bern, economic geography. Thereafter, she completed an additional course in sociology at the University of Lancaster (GB), also formed in the guide questions.

As with the CO₂-law?

Before moving to Astra, was Schneeberger, Secretary-General of the Directorate for public works, transport and town green of the city of Bern. Previously, she led to follow the “Mobile society” in the centre for Technology assessment at the Swiss science and technology Council.
With Katrin Schneeberger, appointed by the Federal Council for a profiled and experienced personality, which have led to the Astra complex projects, it is said in the message. Among the most important tasks of the new FOEN Director, the development of environmental and climate policy.

The Parliament is currently discussing an Amendment of the CO2 act. With this, the emission targets of the next years are to be achieved. In the first round, the national Council had rejected the submission, in the summer session, he discussed for the second Time about it. With the Corona-crisis and the accompanying economic difficulties, the debate is expected to gain new momentum.


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