The number of pupils and students receive Bafög. The latest Bafög-Reform changes nothing. The answer of the German Federal Ministry of education on a small request of the Greens in the Bundestag, the German press Agency in Berlin. The Numbers refer to 2017. In short, a new Reform of the Bafög adopted by the Federal Cabinet.

According to data from the government’s response and to previous government figures, decreased the number of recipients within a period of four years to 2017 to nearly 180,000, a decline of almost a fifth. According to the latest Figures to 2017 have been promoted around of 557,000 students and 225,000 students. Gehring spoke of a “fatal crash of this important equal opportunity law”. An end to this development in sight.

Indeed, according to a draft law from the Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), by the Federal Cabinet, needy students and students from mid-2019, more student loans.

Bafög maximum rate of climb

However, even with the planned amendment will not stopped, “the loss of importance of the Bafög,” said the Green-education politicians, Kai Gehring of the dpa citing the current draft law. Gehring, according to the design of approximately 35,000 in addition Funded.

the planned Reform of the Federal government to spend according to the draft law, by 2022, more than 1.8 billion euros. The maximum percentage of the total is expected to rise from the winter semester of 2019 in two stages to 2020 of € 735 to a total of around 850 Euro.

It is also intended to benefit more young people from the Bafög. The allowances for the income of the parents should be raised in three steps up to 2021 to a total of 16 percent.

Gehring criticised the plans as inadequate. “Hands-free amounts and rates of support to be free gradually, a little raised, the necessary structural changes, the Minister Karliczek grabs in the first place – for example, the regular increase in the support of care of students or the promotion of an orientation semester.”