Opening of the border leads to rush? – Federal expected more asylum applications, The state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) calculated according to the Corona-crisis with a gradual increase in the number of asylum applications in Switzerland. A “wave of refugees” is likely to be?Benjamin Gafner35 Kommentare35Grenzwächter control illegal Residents at a train station. Also during the Corona-crisis, some migrants made it past the border, watch over the green border to Switzerland. Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller/Keystone

On Wednesday, the Federal Council wants to discuss the Details of the cross-border traffic with neighbouring countries. Goal remains, as Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter announced to normalize the border regime with Austria, Germany, and France from the middle of June entirely. What happens at the border with Italy, the Hotspot with respect to Migration, is politically open.

The analysts in the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) expect no sudden high in the number of asylum applications quickly to the designated opening of the border. Lukas Rieder from the state Secretariat for Migration says, “the majority of the indicators indicates that a rapid increase in asylum application numbers in further relaxations of the limits little probably is”. The analysis pointed to the fact that a slow rise is likely. At the earliest in autumn of the application, the level of the previous years numbers may again reach.

In the year 2019 were made in Switzerland, 14’269 asylum applications, a good six per cent less than 2018. The last were made in 2007, less asylum applications. Since the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, the application numbers significantly decreased. At the time, asylum in Switzerland have demanded 40 000 people.

Hardly a come

In March and in April had come the Migration via the Mediterranean sea route practically to a Standstill, holding the SEM. Although a little more asylum-seekers had recently arrived in Italy and again at the end, but a speedy and strong migration movement in Switzerland could not be derived from it, says SEM speaker Rieder.

to a virtual Standstill, the Migration from Turkey came to Greece, the route, the second for Switzerland, the major Refugee. Since the beginning of April to less than 200 persons are thus on the sea and land in Greece arrived. While it is conceivable that Turkey will open after the disappearance of the Corona-crisis, the borders to Greece for migrants, says Rieder. However, the EU and Greece to be prepared for this case, so that a wave of Migration towards Western Europe is unlikely, says Rieder.

No predictions possible with regard to the opening of the borders between third countries along the main migration routes. This depended on the development of the pandemic Situation.

in summary, the SEM is expecting in the medium term, a rise in asylum application numbers. Is probable that this takes place rather slowly and gradually.

Illegal Entry

In April, it managed – despite a massively upgraded border controls by the customs administration, and despite the use of helicopters and militiamen of the army – a few people, in Switzerland the asylum application. On the question of how the 332 asylum seekers were to declare in the month of April, refers to the SEM to the fact that it will handle the majority of these requests for secondary applications. This means a refugee births in Switzerland and migrants, the family were allowed to leave the nationals officially in Switzerland to follow her. With the secondary applications also applications of persons to be referred to, had already put in a different Schengen state, at the request of what is actually prohibited.

But in addition, there are also the primary applications. 111 it was in April, when the media spoke of the borders to Switzerland were “tight”. In March, there were even 600 primary applications. The SEM confirmed that it was, in most cases, the persons are prior to and also during the Corona came crisis illegal in Switzerland. SEM spokesman Lukas Rieder says: “The smaller group of them came across the green border, the larger group is likely to be but prior to the border closure in Switzerland entered the country. These have not been reported, but the authorities immediately.” More precise, let today, this is not to say, says Rieder, because the range of cases is diverse.

in other words: precise information on who made it when and where and under what circumstances, to the tight controls of the border guard in the past, can today not be said.

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