Fed up with overcrowded classrooms, parents demand info on new school for Kenmount Terrace | CBC News

Parents of students at Larkhall Academy, Leary’s Brook Junior High, and Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John’s are expressing frustration over crowded classrooms and a lack of government action on a promised new school. Concerned parents demand transparency on plans and timeline for the new facility.

Jillian Croke, a parent at Larkhall Academy, voiced concerns over the unacceptable classroom conditions and the impact on children’s education. Parents were promised a new school over a decade ago and are eager for solutions to the overcrowding issues.

The new school for the Kenmount Terrace area, announced by Premier Andrew Furey in September, is scheduled to open in 2026. Despite public consultations held by the Education Department in March, parents have not received updates on the progress, leading to frustration and uncertainty.

Overcrowding has forced schools to utilize unconventional spaces for classes, with some students even playing in parking lots during recess due to the lack of green space. The Education Department announced plans to rearrange grades at affected schools to alleviate overcrowding, but parents remain in limbo awaiting concrete information.

Progressive Conservative education critic Paul Dinn emphasizes the need for a clear plan to address the overcrowding issues and ensure a conducive learning environment for children. Despite the government’s budget allocation for new schools, including in Kenmount Terrace, parents are still waiting for tangible progress.

As concerns persist, parents continue to advocate for transparency and timely updates from the government regarding the new school and measures to tackle overcrowding in existing facilities. The community eagerly anticipates improvements to support the educational needs of their children.