Ironically, a flagship project is in the state of Hesse. The state government is considering the cooperation, the commitment-oriented Islamic religious education with the Hessian branch of the Turkish mosque Association Ditib terminate. The reason is the fear of influence by the Turkish state on the education against the Background of increasing deterioration of the local political climate is – finally, the Ditib is the extended Arm of the Turkish religious authority Diyanet.

Julian Staib

Political correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland with its headquarters in Wiesbaden.

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Now, no Ditib give to schools in Hessen, Germany-employees of religious education, but teachers in the country, most of them are civil servants. Around 80 of them under a single number up in cooperation with Ditib, in collaboration with the Ahmadiyya Association. For teachers who are interested, there is a one-year training at the University of Giessen, the Ditib must agree to their appointment.

Not one had so far been rejected, it be privatized “social and well-trained German officers,” says the Board of Directors of the Ditib in the state of Hesse, Salih Özkan. Also in shaping the curriculum by the Ditib there were no conflicts apparently. The content of the teaching course “easy”, says a spokesperson for the Hessian Ministry of culture. And yet, the government in Wiesbaden checks for the end of the cooperation, as it is currently, other state governments do.

Ditib changes to articles of Association

Before the start of the Islamic religious education in 2013 had asked the state government produced a report. The independence of the Association looked at as a given. But since then, Turkey has become a other. In autumn 2017 a new report has been obtained.

The result: No complaints about the teaching of religion; “no evidence” to suggest that the teachers or by the Ditib, or the Diyanet political content distributed or Turkish national interests have been represented. On the other hand, the opinion confirmed but reservations about the independence, arising from the connection between the land Association, the Association and the Diyanet.


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a “in accordance with the statutes enshrined institutional connection”, of a “chain of command”, the speech is in the report – but not, or not demonstrably been used so far. The country made the Ditib then runs and was given an Ultimatum by the end of this year. Necessary a member of the register and the creation of “a sufficiently professional management structures were” going to continue to recommended a stronger “institutional independence”.