The fear of her family, who had fled Saudi Arabia Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun arrived in Canada, where she is granted asylum. Al-Kunun landed a plane on Saturday in Toronto. The 18-year-old woman had previously sat for days in Bangkok, where they had been stopped at the time of their escape.

her case has attracted international attention: The 18-year-old woman actually wanted to go to Australia, was wrecked on the way there, but in Thailand’s capital. In the meantime, the young woman who has renounced Islam threatened with deportation back to Saudi Arabia.

On Twitter, you made from a hotel room in the airport. The UNHCR took her on and stopped the planned deportation in the home. Al-Kunun, of their family have been mistreated. They have settled in Kuwait.

Al-Kununs case, in which difficult situations, refugees often were, said UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi. The political mood towards refugees have been exacerbated in some countries. Therefore, only a fraction of the 25.4 million refugees have, unfortunately, in the world view, how to find Al-Kunun recording in a safe country.