How has changed the everyday life in the German Bundestag since the advent of the AfD? For FDP Vice-chief Wolfgang Kubicki, the deputies of the right-wing populist party changed the debate culture– and has been for the Green on par with the other players. “The AfD and the Greens have definitely found,” he told the Online edition of the “world” (Tuesday), with a view to his experiences as a member of Parliament and the Bundestag Vice President.

The AfD-politician would “smack on the legs, if you have the Green with between the call and the comments so annoyed that Anton Hofreiter is on the verge of a heart attack,” said the 66-year-old FDP politician. Both sides would mutually loud things to the head and getting nothing. The Greens would do but “intellectually better”, he added. “The AfD politicians are a bit clumsy with your comments.”

“calm, cool and objective management”

In the Interview, Kubicki also called for a besonneneren dealing with the AfD in the Bundestag. “There are, after all, elected members of the highest German Parliament. You are not allowed to treat you, they do not belong to Germany,” said Kubicki of “the world”. He observed that the AfD deputies started becoming too radical. “The fact that they are treated in this house, largely as Pariahs, keeps them together,” said Kubicki. “This leads to a completely own view of the world. You have a network in which they incite.“

Kubicki recommended “calm, cool and objective management”. The unenchant the AfD much faster. “This would also make the fracture lines in the AfD is present, visible,” said FDP Deputy chief.

Large gains in the polls going to the party Kubicki, anyway not more. “The AfD has reached, in my estimation, their peak and maybe even exceeded.” The dominant theme of Islamism was losing weight. “Only after attacks like the one in Strasbourg or rape by perpetrators with an immigrant background, there is always a small Peak.” Because the AfD have virtually no other issues, lose its binding effect.