In the United States, the number of displayed hate crime has risen again. The American Federal police FBI registered for 2017, the third year in a row, an increase in the number of criminal offences that were motivated by skin colour, origin, Religion, or sexual orientation of the victims. Overall, the FBI counted for 2017, more than 7100 so-called Hate Crimes, 17 percent more than in the previous year. Among the hate crimes such as the death of a 32-year-old woman was run over in August 2017, with a parade of extreme Right-wing in Charlottesville, Virginia from a Neo-Nazi. A few months earlier a passenger had been stabbed to death in a commuter train in Portland, Oregon, two passengers who came to a Muslim woman for help, as the passenger insulted them because of their Hijabs.

According to the FBI, three out of five hate crimes in the year 2017 were motivated by origin or affiliation to an ethnic group. In addition, it always came back to Attacks due to Religion and sexual orientation. Every fifth victim was attacked from a religious reason, about one in every six because of his sexual identity. Alone, in the case of crimes against Jews and Jewish institutions, the FBI, registered a rise of nearly 37 percent. “One of the main concerns of the Ministry of justice, the Curbing of violence, and hate crimes are violence. They represent a violation of uramerikanischer values,“ said the Executive Minister of justice Matthew Whitaker.

in addition to the tense political climate in the United States observers called the frequent Display of “Hate Crimes” by police and judicial authorities as the reason for the dramatic increase. In the year 2016, only 15,000 had forwarded their data to the Federal police. In 2017, more than 16,000 municipal police gave authorities information about hatred showed crimes such as vandalism, rape, and murder. According to a study by California State University, San Bernardino cities were large particularly vulnerable to hate crimes. In the six largest cities of the country, among them New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the number of displayed crimes because of skin color, Religion and sexual orientation, on average, by more than 22 percent.