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    Good Morning! Imagine, you have overtaken on the highway just quickly five trucks . Then you should keep to the next as a precaution, because the driver is likely loaded. Furniture? No, alcohol . Every sixth truck drivers had to sit in the latest large-scale inspection in the state of Hesse. Is it true that many of them come from Eastern Europe? Anyone who reads today the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, know more about it.

    Werner D’inka


    F. A. Z.

    Our vision is politicians about looks like: Have no idea of nothing, but you want to be a Minister with. Not give the money to the citizens with both hands, but you know how it is earned. Really? Falk Heunemann has spared no effort and the CVS of 137 members in the Hessian Parliament looked at. And lo and behold: it’s Noteworthy that many have held previously senior positions in the economy , and in the right company, not in the life of the grants. Everything today is on the economic side of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

    city dwellers the country life as Idyll . Many have no idea of the existential questions, which our country people are facing out there. For example: How to catch a Wolf ? To be turned off? Well, then, you to hear yourself in Homburg on Efze, which many only know from the traffic. There are two wolves from a wildlife Park enclosure are a week ago, erupted. One was killed, but the other wanders in search of food through the Schwalm-Eder-Kreis . And as a Wolf needs two to three pounds of meat of the day. Claudia Schülke reported.

    F. A. Z.-Newsletter “Hauptwache”

    So the day begins in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main: the most Important points in brief, with References to mobile speed cameras, road closures, and restaurants.

    And also has the support of the Frankfurt Elizabeth General hospital bankruptcy +++ ranked the Offenbacher port school among the 25 best buildings, which characterized the German architecture Museum +++ the country is looking for a new anti-Semitism hire , because Felix Semmelroth waived due to health reasons a new appointment.

    A carefree day

    your Werner D’inka

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