Good Morning! Happy the city, in the from of a gas station with fast food restaurant a library . This city is, of course, Frankfurt. Head of planning Mike Joseph (SPD) has proposed to the German national library in Frankfurt – Nordend, the construction of the University library . Because there is also the Frankfurt School of Finance and the University of applied Sciences are and it is not to Goethe University-wide, could result in a “Boulevard of science” . Matthias Alexander was reported today in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung of the project.

close to the police . There, they investigate at the Moment. On the question of when and by whom the state the suspect has been informed or should have been informed that the Frankfurt police an extreme right-wing cell . No one who is sane, doubts that the Frankfurt police leadership is doing everything to the allegations investigate. It had been headed “the full program, and even more”, says an experienced investigator. May have been underestimated, however, that the suspicion may arise that the authority intended to keep the event “small”. Catherine Iskandar writes what you need to know about it.

Since the police are now the mess and must , in view of the Zores pretty drudgery to bunch the craft. Mess, Zores, drudgery, bunch, cuddling are Yiddish expressions that come from that language, used up to the Holocaust, especially Jews in Eastern Europe in their everyday life. Today, the Frankfurt Goethe University is the only University in the state of Hesse, the course is offering a Yiddish. Who learns the language, finds in the library, an extraordinarily comprehensive collection of historical books. Maximilian Koch was there, and high school side the Rhein-Main-Zeitung reported on the .

F. A. Z.-Newsletter “Hauptwache”

So the day begins in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main: the most Important points in brief, with References to mobile speed cameras, road closures, and restaurants.

And also get it Frankfurt Eintracht in the first knockout round of Europe to do the League with the bears strong Team of Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine +++ plays of the Frankfurt housing company ABG Tetris , and relies on the houses in the plate settlement on two floors in wood-modular design +++ we make today the most beautiful Frankfurt-calendar for 2019 before – right from paper.

A carefree day

your Werner D’inka

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