Good Morning!

The state capital of Wiesbaden appears to be occasional visitors due to its elegant architecture as an Idyll, but at the Moment can not be considered. The dispute over the modernisation of the transport through the re-introduction of the tram splits the city, and now Lord mayor Sven Gerich (SPD) device increasingly in distress. Recently, the Prosecutor’s office investigated him on suspicion of taking advantage. He is said to have been invited by the now fired CEO of a local company to Andalusia, the Supervisory Board directed self-chairing. The matter is for the politicians not better by the fact that his party are actually on Thursday for the new candidate for the office of mayor would like to determine, the soon to be newly elected. Our Wiesbaden correspondent Oliver Bock reported and commented.

we Come to the really totally idyllic Frankfurt. What is the Museum of the main metropolis is still missing? One for the Hammer as such? We have. One for romance? We’re gonna get. But for the Apple cider, you know as a language professional, of course, that it is properly called apples wine? Nothing. Nothing. A Tourist has made the evening of his first eerie experience in Sachsenhausen, is now questioning on Roman mountain, because he wants to leave more to know about this strange drink – and is himself. This need not remain so! Yesterday have discussed this in the planning Committee of the high honorable city Council, the ladies and gentlemen about the meaningfulness of apples, wine Museum, and Baudezernent Jan Schneider (CDU) has said the clever set, in Frankfurt, such a facility would be better off than anywhere else in the Republic. The Yes schedule also Hamburg and Munich, not to contradict, which, in turn, may soup, and beer museums. Time, when in the editorial an invitation to the opening of the new apples wine Museum arrives, will certainly see a damp-merry night, let’s log this.

Whether it’s the biggest social event today in Frankfurt, the new year reception of the chamber of Commerce and industry, also apples, wine will be served to the 1,800 guests wait and see. It is certain, however, that in the corridors and halls of the venerable building, it is spoken, who follows in the spring of Mathias Müller at the office of the President of the chamber. What must someone can, and it should not be for the first time after 200 years of chamber history, maybe a woman? The Rhein-Main-Zeitung set up to formulate a job description.

F. A. Z.-Newsletter “Hauptwache”

So the day begins in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main: the most Important points in brief, with References to mobile speed cameras, road closures, and restaurants.

And in addition, our reviewer Guido Holze recommends the visiting of the Opera “Kátja Kabanová” in the state theatre Mainz +++ there is a small slaughterhouse on wheels, the animals, the Stress to save their last (and actually only) trip notes and a photo to the God of mercy with an ox as a Delinquent today in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung +++ the Hessian industry, demand and trade chambers, more and more areas for commercial.

A scandal-free day with apples, wine in the evening, tired of wishes to you

your Manfred Köhler