Good Morning!

Manfred Köhler

Deputy Department head of the Regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor of the business magazine Metropolitan.

F. A. Z.

Also, journalists can be grateful for. In these news days, for example, you are grateful for each of your mercy and send a message to you. So the colleagues from the Economics Department of the Rhein-Main-editorial features each year that the Wiesbadener Volksbank on 3. January figures for the just ended year. Other homes months need. And what you reported yesterday, the people’s Bank? Well, that you can cope with the low interest rates and the yield has even passed, to renovate the store at the company’s headquarters. Our in the capital of posted Bank expert Daniel Schleidt reported and commented.

In the city editors, in turn, the joy was great that the Historical Museum opened in a few days, a new exhibition, on now. It deals with the fashion designer Toni Schiesser, once a Grande Dame of the Frankfurt fashion world, even Catarina Valente einkleidete. Hans rubbed seeds reported today, from times long past and of an exhibition that begins in the near future.

Oh, who is money in fashion, and she was still so short-lived, it has invested at least somehow useful. But what has happened to a seventy-seven-year-olds in Frankfurt? He has been called by an Unknown person who claimed he was a COP, the Criminals, reached to the data of the old Lord for online banking. As “proof” called the man a part of the account number. Then he asked the man to send him several transaction numbers for Bank Transfers. This will be the Dupes did and soon found out that 15,000 Euro on his account were missing. Do not imitate.

And in addition, the police found in an apartment in Darmstadt, Germany, body parts and don’t know who it is dead, and has rode the NPD before the court, that you may use on Saturday, the Stadthalle in budingen for a new year’s reception; is Guntram Vesper’s poetics lecture in Frankfurt, the Details today of colleague Florian Balke today in the Gazette.

A beautiful weekend wishes to you

your Manfred Köhler