The Linky meter is present in almost all homes in France. In circulation since 2015, it will soon have replaced all the electricity meters of the old generation of the territory.

If some fear that Enedis will attack their wallet during installation, they can be reassured. Replacing an old box with a Linky is fully supported by the company and therefore costs customers nothing.

However, from 2023 and until the end of 2024, the note could be salty for the refractories. Indeed, all holders of a needle meter who do not send their consumption statement for more than a year will be obliged to pay an additional 49.80 euros each year.

But from 2025, all Enedis customers who are not equipped with a Linky meter will now be obliged to pay the cost of a reading carried out by a technician, even if they regularly send their consumption. Households whose installation could not be carried out for technical reasons will of course be spared, explains Dossier Familial.

After the installation of a Linky meter, it can be the victim of several problems to which it is better to be attentive. Strange noises, abnormally high consumption, breakdown… All these malfunctions can lead to the intervention of a technician. Fortunately, as we explained previously, the costs of intervention and the possible change of meter will be entirely borne by Enedis. So there is nothing to worry about.

However, if the customer tries to solve the problem himself by forcing it or opening it, the costs will be billed to him and this can be expensive: 473 euros for the trip of the technician and the replacement of the meter. It is therefore better to call Enedis directly and not to try anything.