To all credit, Michael Schwartz offers to offer a training session to the DIY dad who is just starting out. “Our DIY 101 course allows people to practice safe DIY and then find tools, borrow them, rent them or buy them,” explains the founder of Les Affûtés. Afterwards, we see that they enjoy doing more on their own and they feel more confident. » Stéphanie Lévesque also offers training sessions for beginners, whether it involves pulling plaster joints, installing ceramic tiles or painting like a pro.

To take measurements correctly or write useful information, these tools are essential. “These pencils have been talked about for a while, they have a very oily lead which allows you to write even if there is dust, on glossy ceramic or even if it is slightly wet,” says Stéphanie Levesque. You can also write on dark materials because you have red or yellow replacement leads, it’s perfect for writing on dark vinyl, for example. »

Compared to inexpensive guns, more high-end guns offer significantly increased extrusion power. “When you work for example with an exterior putty, the material is very dense, so you need a gun with which you will not have to force,” maintains Stéphanie Lévesque. But the majority of people will buy one for $5 and end up smashing the base of the tubes every time! But if you pay more, you get some that are much more effective. »

“We often offer drills, but we often don’t have the bit to work with and people often find themselves forcing them,” explains Michael Schwartz. Having the right bits completely transforms the experience, even when you have more powerful drills. The bit is often more important than the machine. Plus, it’s not very expensive, you can find good sets of tips for less than $100. »

“This hammer is ultralight, but the compound of the tool means that it has the striking power of a 20, 25 or 30 ounce hammer,” says Stéphanie Lévesque. What’s also super interesting is that you can change the striking head; if you work in finishing you may have something that is smooth, if you work in demolition you may have some heads with spikes. It’s like the Holy Grail of the hammer, we’ll say that too! »

“Often, more advanced DIYers want to go back to something more traditional,” says Michael Schwartz. “Hand planes, wood chisels, gouges or Japanese saws are some of the objects where you can find the essence of working by hand. It’s always more efficient with modern tools, but at some point, you also appreciate the elegance, the aesthetics, and the challenge of working with hand tools.”