As usual, scammers take advantage of seasonality. As Father’s Day approaches – which will be celebrated on Sunday June 19 in 2022, in other words the very day of the second round of the legislative elections – the crooks are thinking about new techniques to steal from the French and the French. This time, explains Capital, the most common modus operandi is based on the usurpation of the Leroy Merlin brand, the popular sign for DIY enthusiasts… and an image that often sticks to the skin of dads.

To better scam their loved ones when they do not attack them directly, indicates the monthly, the bandits have sent a WhatsApp message. This one is simple: it explains that they have been selected by the brand as part of a contest and could therefore win one of the 5,000 prizes put into play by the brand. Most of the time, it’s about barbecues to be won. To take advantage of it, you simply have to click on the link and follow the protocol outlined.

Problem ? The link is obviously fake.

Clicking on the link is, unsurprisingly, a very bad idea. It is exposing himself to the scam, since he is able to immediately trap the unfortunates who would have been fooled. It is able to install malware on the device, which then redirects the user to different sites which could be used to suck up the user’s personal data.

Of course, you don’t have to pay the required delivery costs. They would never have asked if it was a real competition…