Patrick Senécal knows how to sense the spirit of the times and his latest addition is once again proof. With Civilized, the author recounts, always with a good dose of dark humor, an experience which brings together a dozen individuals on a desert island putting their divided opinions into opposition. Everything takes place under the eye of cameras for analysis by specialists. Obviously, nothing will happen as planned. For those who aren’t afraid of big books.

A few weeks before Paul Auster’s death, on May 2, the French version of Baumgartner, his most recent novel, arrived in our bookstores. In this book about legacy and love, we follow Sy Baumgartner, a 70-year-old widowed university professor, who dwells on his memories in what we call “the memory palace.” His thoughts come and go, from childhood to adulthood, and form the stories that weave this book imbued with lucidity and intelligence.

His death in March created a shock wave in Quebec. Host and radio man Paul Houde, a big fan of the United States since childhood, published his America Notebooks last fall, a book full of historical information and current impressions gleaned during filming of his documentary on the United States Paul in all its States. For lovers of American history and road trips.

Like everyone else, is your father not getting any younger and wants to take care of his health? Looking for ways to give it a boost? In the book Never Sick Again: My Global Approach for a Healthy Body, physiotherapist Denis Fortier offers different tips and advice for taking care of yourself, one small gesture at a time. It includes exercises to strengthen joint and muscular health, improve sleep and attention. Everything is presented for fun and with a view to prevention to keep dad away from the doctor!

Dany Laferrière released Un certain art de vivre earlier this spring, a self-portrait composed of short texts, reflections and brief chronicles. At 70, the academician looks back on his journey and seeks answers to the question: “how did things happen in this life where I never stopped moving, often in spite of myself”. For fans of the author, as well as for those who wish to venture into his work for the first time.

Dads who love history will be interested in Last Memories, a collection by Philippe de Gaulle, son of the former general and president of the French Republic, which has just arrived in bookstores. In this testament book, the man who died last March at the age of 102 sets out his opinions and discusses different aspects of his family’s life and his father’s political relationships with other military leaders.