Antwerp –

A 13-year-old jeugdvoetballertje of FC Gullegem’s Tuesday afternoon and died at slagaderbreuk. A heavy blow to the boy’s family, because just two weeks ago, died the 21-year-old cousin of the boy, in case of an accident in German, Stuttgart, germany.

reportedly, it was the 13-year-old young footballer of the football club Gullegem is Saturday night, after a game all of you: he was at that level of a headache and that his parents are with him at the AZ Groeninge hospital had gone, but there was no immediate cause can be found. The doctors decided then to investigate, and sent the boy to go home with a temporary ban to play football.

At the school, bicycles should be, but by the time the kid is also in there Tuesday, didn’t feel very well, he would, after consultation between the school and the PTI in Kortrijk (belgium), and his parents ‘ home cycle. His father also stopped immediately with the work, and drove up to the house, but when he got there, he found the lifeless body of his son. Also, with the nearby emergency services were not able to hulpmeer have to offer.

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The death is the second blow in a short amount of time with the family. Less than three weeks ago, died in the 21-year-old cousin of the boy, when he and a friend used to camp in the parking lot for the German soccer team VfB Stuttgart.