Ichtegem –

In the rue du midi in the town of Ichtegem’s on Thursday morning for a few woningbrand occur. In addition, one victim-85-year of cases.

The fire began a little before 10 o’clock. A black plume of smoke was miles and miles away to see it. Several brandweerposten of “zone 1” were out. Also, the local police, Knife and gas company Fluvius were placed on the ground. The fire department has the situation under control, but the house has been completely destroyed. The police have confirmed that the brand is a victim, it’s going to be a man of 85 years, the house is lived in.

the mayor, Jan Bekaerts (W. I. T.) is a locally delivered.

A branddeskundige and law doctor on the spot. It is also investigated whether there is any asbestos as it is released .

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