more and more supermarkets and discounters join the fight against plastic waste-mountains. After Lidl and Rewe Discounter Aldi announced plans on Thursday to abandon its offer in the future, on utensils, straws, and disposable cups made of plastic. You should not be offered “from now on”, such as Aldi North and Aldi South have informed on Thursday in a joint statement.

other “unnecessary disposable plastic products” will Aldi convert step-by-step to more environmentally friendly materials or reusable solutions to replace, as the Discounter announced. Previously, the “Rheinische Post” about the Aldi had reported on the plans.

Similar steps have been announced in the past few months, Lidl and Rewe. So Lidl wants to in its around 3200 branches by the end of 2019 plastic Disposable items such as drinking straws, disposable cups, plates, Cutlery and cotton swabs with plastic shafts stick completely discontinue and recyclable products replace. Also Rewe wants to swipe up to 2020, all the plastic-disposable tableware from the range. The renunciation of disposable plastic straws, the grocer had already announced in July.