New Regulations Implemented for Horse-Drawn Carriage in Downtown Wilmington

In response to growing concerns on social media, a local farm in downtown Wilmington has announced new regulations for their horse-drawn carriage operations. The farm, known for its popular tourist attraction, has faced criticism in recent weeks regarding the treatment of their horses.

The new regulations include mandatory breaks for the horses every two hours, increased veterinary check-ups, and stricter guidelines on working conditions. The farm’s spokesperson emphasized that the well-being of their animals is their top priority and they are committed to ensuring the highest standards of care.

Despite the farm’s efforts to address the concerns, animal rights activists are calling for a complete ban on horse-drawn carriages in the city. They argue that the practice is outdated and inhumane, and that the horses should not be subjected to long hours of work in urban environments.

The city council is currently reviewing the situation and considering potential changes to the regulations governing horse-drawn carriages. The farm has expressed willingness to cooperate with any decision made by the authorities to ensure the welfare of their animals.

Overall, the community remains divided on the issue, with some supporting the farm’s efforts to improve conditions for their horses, while others advocate for a complete ban on horse-drawn carriages in downtown Wilmington. The debate is likely to continue as stakeholders work towards a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.