At 74, actress Fanny Ardant is one of the big names in the French cinematographic landscape. Revealed in 1981 with the film The Woman next door by François Truffaut, she has been awarded numerous prizes during her career, including the César for best actress for Pédale douce, and in 2020 the César for best actress in a supporting role for La Belle Époque.

Since his success in the cinema, the star has multiplied the roles on the big screen. Characters more different from each other which allowed him not to lock himself in a genre. “I often say that I don’t want to make movies to turn people into good citizens. Cinema, literature, music, it’s romance. Afterwards, we draw lines of force,” she said during from an interview with L’écho in 2022 and to add: “I hate self-righteousness. And especially moral lessons. I like people who smell of sulfur. Those who scandalize and stir up”.

Along with her acting career, Fanny Ardant does not hesitate to think outside the box, like her participation in Alain Bashung’s “Madame rêve” clip. “I had shot with him” Nothing but lies “, by Paule Muret, and we got along very well. He was intelligent, fragile. And shy”, she had declared to our colleagues and to continue: “I I would say to him: “I don’t like it when people call me the great lady of the cinema.” And he would answer me: “But you are tall, Fanny, very tall”.

The French actress still has a bright future ahead of her. In 2023, Fanny Ardant will star in two films: Completely burned! by Gilles Legardinier as well as The Palace by Roman Polanski. While waiting to find her on the big screen, Planet invites you to discover what the pretty brunette looks like today.