For several weeks now, heat waves and heat waves have followed one after the other. If the daytime temperatures are difficult to bear, it is often at night that it is the most complicated.

Indeed, if the heat is generally less strong at night, it can sometimes still be very present and this has an effect on the quality of sleep, and therefore by extension on health. With the heat, insomnia is often amplified or even triggered because, for many people, it is particularly difficult to fall asleep with temperatures above 25°C.

Fortunately, several solutions exist to try to cool off and have better nights. One of the most common is the purchase of a fan. If this device does not cool the room, it still allows you to receive a little air and therefore feel less heat.

So many people leave them running all night so they don’t get too hot. Only, this is not without entailing a supplement on the electricity bill. Indeed, according to the calculations of La Dépêche, for a night of twelve hours, the electricity costs are estimated at more than 10 euro cents per night for a fan with a power of 200 watts. For the most powerful devices, it would cost up to 40 cents.

Thus, running your fan all night would increase the electricity bill by 3 to 12 euros per month, even if this varies according to the energy supplier and the subscription.