Famous family, relationships, plastic surgery… The secrets of Marlène Jobert


In Marlène Jobert’s family, it is the women who shine in the spotlight. Known for her talents as an actress from the 1960s until the dawn of the 1990s, she has since turned to literature by publishing more than 160 children’s stories. A notable success for the octogenarian storyteller with more than 15 million copies sold worldwide.

Far from retiring, Marlène Jobert can count on Eva Green to take over at the cinema. Born with her twin Joy in 1980, from her relationship with Walter Green, the actress had success with Casino Royale in the skin of the James Bond girl Vesper Lynd before chaining notable roles in Dark Shadows and Dumbo by Tim Burton, or Alice Winocour’s Proxima.

However, the prolific career of the actress never ceased to worry her mother Marlène Jobert who tried to convince her to give up following in her footsteps. “It’s an extremely difficult job for sensitive people and it doesn’t always make you so happy. But she was determined, and she was very lucky,” she told Le Parisien during the health crisis. “I am very afraid for his health, because we shoot without a mask, and that, in the euphoria, we unwittingly neglect to protect ourselves against contamination. Until everyone is vaccinated, I will always have this fear for her pegged to the body”.

A concern also for his niece Elsa Lunghini, daughter of photographer Georges Lunghini and painter Christiane Jobert. Revealed in the 1980s thanks to music, the forties continued her career in comedy. “Ditto for my niece Elsa Lunghini, who also recently shot in the series Here it all begins and Tomorrow belongs to us. Just like Joséphine Jobert, her other famous niece, who took over her role of Sergeant Florence Cassel in Meurtres au Paradis on France 2 in 2021.

So these three women continue to have a great career on our screens, Marlène Jobert has also been acclaimed by the French public. To the point of pleasing many men…

Since 1976, actress Marlène Jobert has had a long history with her husband and Swedish dental surgeon Walter Green. Unfamiliar with showbiz, the latter was even unaware of the incredible notoriety of the actress at the start of their relationship. “The first time he invited me to the restaurant, the whole room recognized me and whispered as they looked at us. He couldn’t believe it. With as much modesty as possible, I explained to him that I was a little famous. But he was a dentist and the cinema did not interest him … Basically, that he was so ignorant of my notoriety was not to displease me”, she confided in Les Inrocks.

Before they met, the famous actress had fallen in love with Claude Berri in the early 1960s. “I fell madly in love with him. He was funny, sensitive, his lively intelligence and his overflowing imagination impressed me. We We quickly settled together when I was only twenty-two, and he was twenty-eight”, she recalled for Gala in 2014.

However, a persistent rumor has long tainted the private life of actress Marlène Jobert. While dining in a hotel in Djerba, Tunisia in 1973, she would have crossed paths with President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Accompanied by his relatives, the star would have joined the politician at his table for a coffee. What make fantasize the press scandal which had lent them an affair.

“I found it so ridiculous from the journalist who wrote the article,” she laughed in front of our colleagues. “The latter had even hinted that my twins might be VGE’s daughters. Not a big deal, this rumour, just stupid. It didn’t touch or hurt me.” Which is nothing compared to the terrible ordeal that the actress faced a few years earlier…

In the 1960s, Marlène Jobert began her relationship with comedian Claude Berri. A couple of young prodigies who lived their story a hundred miles an hour, to the point of having been close to death after a terrible tragedy. “Two months after our meeting, Claude hit a badly parked vehicle and that’s the tragedy. I was hit in the face. My right cheek was deeply cut. I had to undergo several operations, it was long and difficult” , she admits in the columns of Gala. “At the time, I hadn’t made a film yet. I told myself that in the theater, with good makeup, it would not be seen. Claude no longer knew how to spoil me.

However, this mark on the face could have ruined her debut as an actress in the seventh art, by her own admission for Paris-Presse. “I thought I was going crazy. It was horrible. I couldn’t look at myself in a mirror anymore, I had a 12 cm scar. I thought I would never get out of this nightmare. Cosmetic surgery saved my life “. A distant bad memory for the star, more fulfilled than ever today far from the media.

More than 30 years after the end of her career, Marlène Jobert makes only rare appearances in public. Like his remarkable visit on October 20 for the 14th edition of the Festival Lumière in Lyon. Invited to give a masterclass in public, the famous actress received an incredible welcome from the spectators in the hall of Pathé Bellecour.

“It’s incredible! It upset me, I didn’t expect there to be so many people, to be remembered,” said the actress, who will soon be celebrating her 82nd birthday. years, with AFP. Very popular with the French public, Marlène Jobert marked several generations in films such as The Passenger in the Rain and Last Known Home in 1970.

While the producer, filmmaker and friend Dominique Besnard also devotes the documentary C’est moi … Marlène Jobert, Eva Green’s mother admitted that she “didn’t really want it”. Before entrusting to our colleagues. “I’ve locked myself in myself too much in recent years and then, this may be my last appearance”. Before that, she ended her career at 40, preferring to focus on the education of her twins, confident however that she did not feel “cut out for this existence”.

Withdrawn from the cinema, Marlène Jobert no longer aspires to be in the spotlight, preferring a peaceful life in the countryside. It is in Normandy that the octogenarian has now exiled himself far from the cameras. By her own admission, the star “goes out very little” and turned to writing, while enjoying her garden, since she “loves nature”.