In one year, 107 of forged prescriptions for the drugs have emerged. And those are only the ones that are reported are, in practice, the number is probably much higher. “The rules have been usually faked with the help of a new voorschriftboekje from a health care practitioner, or the note itself, either by hand or with the computer and adapted”, is it POSSIBLE to.

107 faked prescriptions, and 33 physicians who reported that their voorschriftboekje has been stolen, and a further 45 doctors who actually make it to the lift and went on with their official stamp. These are the figures that are published, and are in line with previous years.

“With the counterfeit provisions, it was primarily tried to get pain killers, sleeping pills, or psychostimulerende the means to buy it,” says Ann Eeckhout, spokesperson for the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health products (FAMHP). “When that takes place, for example, methylphenidate, which is used for the treatment of attention deficit disorder, but also for the concentration is available upon request. People in which sleeping pills to try to buy it, do so, for example, this is usually because the doctor wants to phase out, and they do not agree with it. Or is it because there is a certain amount of embarrassment, is to ask the question to their doctor.”

a Fine and imprisonment.

of Course, there are penalties for the forgery of prescriptions. For example, a 33-year-old man from Genk in the last year of a prison sentence of four months on one or more occasions, and a fine of up to 300 euro, because he forged a prescription for the sedative Xanax, also wanted to buy it. He tried, with a doctor’s prescription to someone else, and that he was at the doctor stole it, and that he has the sticker of his company had been. However, in the pharmacy was a fraud to be noticed.

basically, the next year, however, more difficult will be to have regulations altered. As of January 1, the electronic prescription is required. Only in specific cases, such as medical doctors, older than 64 years of age, or at home, it can be a requirement have in the traditional manner, to be made up. “Otherwise, it’s a digital version, in which the pharmacist has direct access to it,” says Ones. “It’s a note, that the patients have to get home, there is no longer a real requirement.”