gasoline prices have fallen in Germany for the last part, and have thus reached approximately the level from the early summer of 2018. On average, a Liter of Diesel in Germany now costs 1,232 euros, which were 1.1 cents less than in the previous week. And for a Liter of Super E10, motorists had to pay an average 1,339 Euro, the goods is 1.3 cents less than the previous week. This is from the weekly analysis of the prices of 14,000 tank produced by the automobile club ADAC.

Christian Siedenbiedel

editor in the economy.

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“the prices that were inflated according to the analysis of the ADAC in October, again largely returned to normal”, writes the auto club. Comes to similar results, the gasoline-comparison platform Clever. In December, gasoline prices on average would have been below the values from April 2018, said a spokeswoman.

at Christmas there was the unusual Situation that, with the holiday travel shaft is not higher, but lower prices were associated. And in the past week, the price of Super E10, at least, fell again nearly to the March level.

The price of crude oil is rising again and has reached the level of November. A Barrel (a barrel is 159 litres) of North sea Brent oil currently costs 61,18 Dollar and thus around 12 percent more than at the end of the year 2018. On Wednesday, the price had exceeded for the first time since mid-December, again the mark of 60 dollars.

A General decline in commodity prices until December, the Hamburg world economy Institute (HWWI). The commodity price index of the Institute fell in December by nearly 10 percent. The most significant price decreases from the meadows energy resources. Crude oil was the month’s average of 12.6 per cent cheaper.

the price of Nickel drops significantly

writes The Institute, the fears of a weaker global economy continued to weigh on the commodity markets. This does not apply just for the Oil. The price of natural gas fell in December to a monthly average of 4.2 percent. The price of coal fell by 0.4 percent. Significant price declines for Nickel. The metal is required, among other things, for the refining of steel. The price fell in Dollar terms by 3.8 per cent in the Euro by 4 per cent. Slightly lower the price decline for copper, he amounted to in dollars and 1.6 percent in the Euro 1.8 per cent. Monthly average prices for lead, zinc and Tin rose.