According to the group rape of a 13-year-old girl in Velbert, Wuppertal regional court has sentenced another young rapist. The 15-Year-old received on Wednesday, two years and nine months in youth custody, as a court spokesman announced. A second, 15-year-old defendant came and abetting rape, with 15 months ‘ imprisonment on probation. Both of them had settled after the fact in your home to Bulgaria and were there arrested.

In the process had stored them in the confessions and the victim so that a further witness statement before the court, spared. The juvenile proceedings took place under the exclusion of the Public. Six teenagers aged 14 to 17 years had been convicted by the court last October. The highest single penalty was four years and nine months in prison.

The crime had provided in April of last year, nationwide, for horror. In fact, in the South of the Ruhr area located in Velbert, a total of eight young people from Bulgaria were involved. They belong to the Turkish minority in Bulgaria. The young people had to wait for the girls after a pool visit, in a forest and there in your past. The sex crimes had filmed the group with cell phone cameras even, until, finally, a Walker was a witness of the fact, and boldly stepped in.

The victim had come to his tormentors on the track: The 13-Year-old had searched for on Facebook, after one of the young people who seemed to her during the fact. Finally, she had recognized him in a photo.