on suspicion of murder in Europe wanted seventeen-year-old has been on Tuesday in Vienna at a train station by the police. The wanted pressure was obviously been too big, said a police spokesman. The young Afghan is suspected to have on Sunday a 16-year-old girl in the Austrian Steyr stabbed to death.

Stephan Löwenstein

Political correspondent for Austria and Hungary, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

F. A. Z.

The Teens had been found on Sunday evening by her mother and her older sister dead in her room. She had two stab wounds in the back, which had probably been attached with a knife that was in the room. The Suspect was according to the words of the public Prosecutor’s office with the girl in an “On-Off” relationship. He was housed in a nearby asylum accommodation, where he has not been found.

The pair had withdrawn on Sunday in the girl’s room in the apartment of his mother’s back. Since the mother saw until late in the evening nothing more from her or heard of it, and went to the room and found a closet barricaded. The pushed mother and sister aside, and the young people found lifeless under a pile of clothes.

The autopsy has now revealed that a knife stab from behind in the lungs was fatal. The window was open, the young Afghan – according to media reports in Austria under subsidiary protection alive – disappeared. The police identified the mobile phone once again in Vienna, before it was apparently switched off.