as Standard, it will be Sunday most likely, with Zinho Vanheusden, but without the Renaud Emond in the kick-off against Club Brugge. In the blue-and-black, and Fede Ricca, then on again to re-fit. Your facility news of the day.

IN THE STANDARD. Vanheusden, however, Emond is not against Club Brugge

as Michel Preud’homme, may-Sunday, in Bruges, in an appeal to Zinho Vanheusden (see photo). The 20-year-old talent, was on Thursday in Frankfurt germany (2-1), which is still the default, because of injuries. May have to start, in addition to Kostas Laifis, though it is a driemansdefensie by Dimitri Lavalée is also a possibility. Before Renaud Emond is the winner of the Sunday may be too early in the morning. The striker is aiming for a return against Waasland-Beveren (belgium), at the midweekspeeldag next week.

THE CLUB BRUGGE. Ricca is probably in the core

On the medical front, there is good news is that Ricca has been re-fit and is probably at the core. On Mitrovic is another to actually take the plunge.

in All, more than a thousand of young fans, signed up for the city’s club kids. It wants the children to be more involved in the Club Brugge and the biggest kidscommunity of the country. Each child that signs up will receive a welcome gift upon arrival. In addition to this the children will also have the chance to have a spelersinterview, or birthday parties at the stadium. Finally, there is also a real city’s club kids day is scheduled. Any fan under the age of twelve, you can get a free membership through the app.

AA GENT. Owusu is uncertain for STVV

Thursday night fell to Owusu, out with a hip injury, but yesterday Thorup been reassuring news to report. “Owusu was after he was a bit overstretched for a tackle, and, consequently, his thigh is overloaded. He could not go on, but this morning he underwent a series of tests, and there was no serious injury has been discovered. He is, of course, are intensively dealt with and will have to travel to Sint-Truiden, belgium, which is where the decision will be taken about its suitability.”

THE FIRST DIVISION SOCCER TEAM KRC GENK. Luca Oyen tekentbij up to 2022

Luca Oyen despite interest from foreign clubs for longer with RC Genk. The sixteen-year-old son of the ex-Genkspeler Davy Oyen extended his contract by three seasons until 2022, with an option for a further two seasons. Oyen has been playing for ten years with RC Genk. He is also the youngest player to be one of the highlights of the U19. There is a big chance that Mazzu is rotating at the Club. Dewaest, De Norre, Hrosovsky and Ndongala are also entitled to a basic.

FINAL RESULT. De Laet, once again, on the left?

the second time a coach, Laszlo Bölöni left Simen Juklerod, this season, is still searching for his best form, last week, out of the heart. Wait for him tonight, though once again the line-up. Ritchie De Laet was Thursday, I’d like to compliment the coach, because of his fighting spirit, and hopes to re-start. He Quirynen, normally an option on the left side is missing. The young man came in last night, all of the promises made in the action against Beerschot.

(KV MECHELEN, BELGIUM. Luxeproblemen for Vrancken

Vrancken, we can once again have Rob Schoofs, but the big question now is who is the coach of its national team must play at marbles. “Well, I’d rather have the choice than that, I’m only eleven players left at the end. I am very happy about all of that at Antwerp, it has played out, though it will require a match vs. Waasland-Beveren will have a different approach.” The match-up against the Waaslanders is still too early to Engvall, but the team Standard on the 10th november seems to be a feasible option.

STVV. With the Suzuki’s, and Boli

Brys to start with, Suzuki’s, and Boli. May have decided he was in the back for three people. Mmaee, and The Blemishes are there, and with each other in the balance, Johnson was bankzitter. The society does Colombatto after the suspension is re-entered. Acolatse and loses his move. Well, here it is, The Stain is an option on the left side. The Buffalo, making the trip to the STVV is a miniafzondering. They will travel on Saturday to Stayen, and will be there in the afternoon for a training session add the finishing touches on the synthetic turf. They will also spend the night.

(KV KORTRIJK, BELGIUM. Lepoint, in the selection

Christophe Lepoint is a ready-to-hit for in the game against royal Antwerp. The midfielder had been suffering on the back of your thighs, but it seemed to be ready in time. Yves Vanderhaeghe will be the winning team, as few positions as possible to change. If Lepoint pain-free in the warming-up can be completed, he will be on this weekend, more than likely, also be able to start. Kagelmacher went, as expected, is not ready, and in the selection of a hamstring injury.

(ZULTE WAREGEM, BELGIUM. Who will replace Berahino?

Bansen continues to be unavailable, The Ketelaere, is the third keeper. Also, Nikos Kainourgios is not fully fit. Berahino has been suspended. Govea, or Dimitri Oberlin as a result the team have come. Or is the Dury is still something of a plan? Marcq, De, Soisalo, Demir, and Timotheou, are not to be selected.

KV OOSTENDE. ’D He out, after a kick in training

No, D’haese, tonight, in the selection process. The vleugelspeler got a kick in training and it does not get done. Palaversa (knee) will train an individual basis, but his return is still a while to wait. Most of training and after a kuitprobleem with the group, but it is not yet ready to go. Guri has not been selected, Sane, belongs to the core. Wesli De Cremer plays the match at the Regenboogstadion. The men with the flags Romain Devillers, and Lennert Becquet.

THE CERCLE BRUGGE. Storck’s arrival, the youth of

Bernd Storck continues to be a surprise. A lot of new names in the squad for the match against Genk, belgium. Kouamé has been suspended, Taravel, it is not one hundred percent fit, and it is likely to be spared for the match against Mouscron. Also, Foster’s, Saadi, Bongiovanni, Balikwisha, Deuro, Coulibaly, and The He and to Mboula are not one of them. Omeonga there seems to be no chance to make it. Badiashile it is just like Art. It is notable that the process of Bassong and youngsters, Dekuyper, and Somers. Deman and is one of the three peaks.

WAASLAND-BEVEREN (BELGIUM). First: “Milosevic has lost all of three pounds,”

What is the matter with you, Stefan Milosevic remains in power? The peak was last year, and seven goals in fourteen matches, but for the last few weeks, not even in the race. “He was on the right track,” said trainer First. “He’s lost all of two pounds, something that was necessary. Individually, we are working every day very hard. Hopefully we will soon depend on him, and he could be a defense are difficult to make. We have it all.” Curious to know if Milosevic is in the selection.

More about KRC Genk-Pro League chairman, Peter Croonen on BeNeLiga: “The obvious emotional resistance should be no excuse as to form” He Will state, in a uefa Champions League team of the week, in addition to kwelduivels of Club Brugge and KRC Genk in the Liverpool fans in the Gent ended up in a place, think to do with their story: “not Until an hour before the race, we had the Police identify a fan that is a controversial sign of the original production in Genk (be) up and hung out: he may be a fine