While Vincent Kompany is busy with Anderlecht in the way of trying to get his younger brother, François (30) days after the bid farewell to Roeselare during the past summer are still on the lookout for a new club. Roland Duchâtelet is a ht not be correct, that the RC Genk, and only 25,000 have to pay for the damage to the artificial grass field of STVV. In addition, even an ex-Rouche, at the end of the Season and a mental coach at the Club, that it at once flies. Your facility news of the day.

BEERSCHOT. Kompany will test it on The Keel

This week, dove, François Kompany at Beerschot, as a tester, and is training since Tuesday, along with a group of Stijn Vreven. The club wishes to him for a while, you have the opportunity to prove themselves in training, and, if possible, a right to die?” After the failure of the Genk-gun-for-hire Seigers has to Beerschot, but only two fit central defenders in the center.(kofr, thst).

STVV. Duchâtelet particular, the decision about damage to the turf,

Roland Duchâtelet was Wednesday afternoon, to be told that the RC Genk), not 200,000, but only 25,000 have to pay for the damage caused to the artificial turf pitch after the derby last season. “Not correct,” said Duchâtelet. “The fact that people of the other three teams in the Pro League where you are the president of the RC Genk is still the chairman, must decide upon, you can already don’t. That it was an independent cell that need to be done.” Duchâtelet here, with STVV on what to do.(system)

final result. Even an ex-Rouche at the other end

Olivier François is, but we have gone to Antwerp, it’s a huge number of people at the other end with a Standard, the past will remain the same. The Nigerian Rabiu Afolabi (39) depanneert is currently the head equipment manager for the A-core. The former central defender, has played in Sclessin, from 1997 to 2003, in a uitleenbeurt of the Italian Right. Wait and see if he will be in will be in the final result. In the meantime, training of The Let (heel) could be an individual, on the outside of the field.dvd.

the CERCLE BRUGGE. As a Mental coach, it flies straight into,

as of recently, works in the Club with a French psychologist. Who are a mental coach have observed in the past weeks, the group has conducted several interviews. Yesterday afternoon, after the ball but there was also a session of one and a half hours, was organized. Today, there is a training session. Dylan De Belder would be at the beginning of november, is to be prepared.(pr)

in the STANDARD. A special night for the fans Avenatti

With the game against Arsenal is a dream for Felipe Avenatti (26). The attacker has all of his childhood, and a supporter of The Gunners. “When I saw the draw and saw, I kicked a hole-in-the-sky”, indicating the Quarter date. “I am very self-motivated. I have always been, to the Arsenal watched and he was my role model. His style was different than mine, but I like it. (laughs) this is another great bonus is that I can get my fellow american, Luke Luxurious encounter.”(system)

(KV KORTRIJK, belgium. Deman has a leg bite

It Deman for the first leg of it. The young goalkeeper will be this month on the 23rd of October, eighteen years of age, and he put his signature under a contract until 2021. So, he followed in the footsteps of his father, the current goalkeeping coach Patrick Deman. Deman was third goalkeeper in the A-core as the Guys. It was in september, is called up for Belgium U19.(jrc)

KV OOSTENDE. Creates a new champagne for champagnevoetbal?

Nicolas Feuillatte, was for many seasons in, the brand of the champagne region at KV Oostende. It even gave its name to the theatre hall at the Versluys Arena. But UNTIL it believes that it is time for a change. Now, drinking the green-and-red-and-yellow in their football, and Laurent-Perrier-champagne, france. “We dare not, of ourselves, to pretend that we are in this season, champagnevoetbal, but off the field we serve, however, champagnevoetbal”, you hear it UNTIL, where the party is in the DNA.(rpo).