After the interlandbreak there, this weekend is plenty of league football to the program. We have collected the latest news for you.

RSC ANDERLECHT: Dewaele mark, Lokonga, ready to rise

as For Anderlecht, his Zulj (surgery of the nose) and Dewaele (return of the beloftenploeg with a slight discomfort in the calf) are still question marks. However, the fit is Sambi Lokonga, which is opposed to the Standard highly experienced. May be he will replace Zulj is on the board. “Sambi, ninety minutes away,” said coach Simon Davies. Kompany and Roofe to restore beneficial, but they are still out. Or are they next week and ready to get to the top match against Club Brugge, it is still a question mark.

the is a STANDARD: Without the Amallah, with Avenatti and Vanheusden

For the game on Saturday night in a shopping, you can Selim Amallah will not be available for the Rouches. The midfielder has trained for the past few days, due to a slight inflammation of the pubic bone. Felipe Avenatti and Zinho Vanheusden for the first time this season, and part of the and. It started badly with the preparation for, and were able to last week, the training resumes. The duo will start on the bench. (system)

ZULTE WAREGEM: Baudry, and Demir, out,

Francky Dury can have an almost fully fit core for the move to the Three. Marvin Baudry (pubalgie, photos), you can begin to think about returning to his home. The central defender has yet to opgetraind to be, in the words of Francky Dury has to say. Erdin Demir for revalidation of a challenge after an injury to the hip joint. The return will not be expected. (jcs).

KV KORTRIJK: Age re-wedstrijdfit

Age is wedstrijdfit. Earlier in the week, he had to sprinttesten is no longer a problem. There is a big chance that he will take his place in the point of view of recording. On Sunday will play in Kortrijk in Asia, which has three points to it. “Asia has been a stable team, that was physically fit. To get a feeling for the top of the standings, not to lose it, it is very important that we make with a three pointer,” said Yves Vanderhaeghe. It is not yet clear whether The Beginning wedstrijdfit touch. (jrc)

KV OOSTENDE-Today’s decision on the’where come you from?:

There was still no decision about the employability of He. A couple of hours before the match is to actually take the plunge. In the meantime, he’s still in the twintigkoppige selection of Ingebrigtsen. Capon is not yet available, and will resume the following week, and the change in the country. Palaversa and Hjulsager have yet to recover. Rajsel is also out. There’s also the good news is that Jonckheere has been re-deployed, and we expect it to. Lothar (D’hondt, is the arbiter of authority. (type):

the CERCLE BRUGGE, Bongiovanni, and Mboula is not in the selection:

the Captain Jérémy Taravel is back. Serrano, relapsed, and now, four weeks out of a fight. Curiously, Bongiovanni, and Mboua, and the two great talents of as Monaco, the selection is not yesterday’s training and seclusion and went to the game. The third champions league Goblet (back to back) it is important to. The club-the Club is a risicomatch. The Ex-captain’s Loss was a compromise with the Club over his fuel card and a car, and apologized on Twitter for his emotional breakdown. (pr)

AA-GENT, belgium: European shirt is launched:

in The interest of the Ghent-based title the eye-catching European-shirt from AA Gent, inspired by the Ghent-based commercial cells to have a clear understanding with the rank and file. AA Gent, who qualified for the group stage of the Europa League, it would be the t-shirt and also is effective will be announced in the fan shop. And so it came to pass, that so to say. From the first-ever European match at home on Thursday, september 19, at st. stephen’s, will have these t-shirts will be for sale in the fan shop. (ssg).

the GAFFER: Lamkel Zé, and Bolat in selection

There are only a few of the new faces in the selection of the morning. Also, Lamkel Zé, and Bolat return. “I think it’s a storm in the meantime, go and lie down’, and was Bölöni yesterday to take a look at their engagement. What Lamkel Zé, it seems Bölöni has to put up with its fickle nature. “Some of them is a person who behaves differently than the rest of us. In all of the ways we try him in the harness, but it’s very hard to knead.” (full)

KV MECHELEN, the First basic place to start for Hairemans

Hairemans seems to be ready to make a first move. What is the role he is given, is yet to be seen. “It may be that I have him in the role of Engvall to play, although it’s on its way”, was Vrancken understand. “The edge is not an option.” Vranckx, Brown, and Van Damme is returning from an injury. For the latter, it seems a move is still too early to come to that. Bijker is about it on the way home. A new scan revealed the tear in the hamstring muscles significantly reduces. (full)

WAASLAND-BEVEREN: Level of mist, and immediately a number of players

the Trainer is Arnauld Mercier misses with his baptism of fire some of the players. Aaron Tshibola is about to be a father-to-be, and then quit the next week, then back on again. Olivier Dhaulolou, it is not a fit. Jihad Bizimana has trained only one time, and is not included in the selection process, just as the promise of international Matthias Verreth. Xian Buckets, it was a whole week sick. Yuki Kobayashi is in the selection process. He is just another speelgrechtigd for the game against STVV. (whb).

STVV: The Petter and the First to go under the knife

Petter, and First to wait the next week to have an operation, and they will be up to the new year will not be available. “Well, rescue me Botaka, and Garcia,” according to coach Brys. “And then I think, also, Suzuki is ready.” Example: a sharp, Yohan Boli. He is still on the job. The question remains, who is in the back of the Boli will be game against Waasland-Beveren (belgium). The South Korean acquisition, Seung-Woo Lee, still waiting for speelgerechtigdheid. Also, Cong Phuong, and Stan Van Dessel, made it to the selection. (gus)
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