Facebook has a new start-up incorporated, which works with the devices that are using the brain is different. It’s going to be the company with the CTRL Lab. According to the American media, paid Facebook $ 1 billion for the deal.

The start-up is working on a bracelet which signals the brain towards the muscles are able to detect it and convert it into commands for the computer. In that way, it will be seen, for example, a picture with a friend, and be able to share it, just trying to think of it, illustrated by Facebook’s manager Andrew Bosworth. “We hope that this kind of technology on a larger scale, and faster products on the market.”

Elon Musk

It’s been known for some time that Facebook is interested in this type of technology. In the beginning of 2017 said Regina Dugan, the former head of the research laboratory at Facebook, about the possibility that the brain’s messages are sent.

Even Tesla’s ceo Elon Musk has been active in this area.

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