F1 Legend Calls for Qualifying Change Despite Thrilling Canada GP Session

In the latest F1 news, former Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has stirred up controversy by advocating for a ban on a particular qualifying feature, despite a thrilling Canadian Grand Prix session. The session saw George Russell claim pole position in a surprising turn of events, with both he and Max Verstappen clocking the same lap time.

Jacques Villeneuve, the son of legendary Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve, who tragically passed away in 1982, believes that F1 would benefit from banning the drag reduction system (DRS) in qualifying. The DRS technology was introduced in 2011 to aid overtaking, but Villeneuve argues that it has made passing on straights too easy. He suggests that by removing DRS from qualifying, drivers would be forced to make compromises between high and low downforce, making the racing more challenging and exciting.

Villeneuve has been vocal in his criticism of the DRS system, referring to it as a “band-aid plaster” that has led to uninspiring overtaking maneuvers. He believes that true race-craft should be celebrated, rather than relying on artificial aids like DRS. Despite the mixed reception to DRS since its introduction, the FIA has announced plans to phase out the system by 2026 in favor of ‘active aerodynamics’.

As the debate over the future of F1 qualifying continues, Villeneuve’s call for change has sparked discussions among fans and experts alike. Will F1 heed the advice of this legendary figure and make the necessary adjustments to ensure more competitive and engaging races in the future? Only time will tell.