F1 24: A Review of the Latest Iteration

Technical innovation in the world of Formula 1 gaming is more limited in this year’s release, F1 24. While the game boasts slick and polished visuals across all platforms, it feels like more of the same compared to its predecessor.

One of the notable upgrades in F1 24 is the entirely reworked tracks, with fan favorites like Silverstone and Circuit de Spa receiving major overhauls. Additionally, all 20 official F1 drivers have been re-scanned to create a more up-to-date likeness, with improved hair rendering adding to the realism.

Developer Codemasters continues to use its EGO engine as the foundation for F1 24, which has proven to be a reliable technology. The game is fully cross-gen and capable of ray tracing on PC and newer consoles. However, the question remains whether F1 24 truly offers a next-generation F1 experience.

In terms of gameplay features, the Braking Point story mode is absent in F1 24, placing a greater emphasis on the career mode for solo play. New cutscenes between races showcase the game’s updated driver models, with improved skin and eye shaders, and enhanced hair rendering.

Several tracks, including Silverstone, Circuit de Spa, Lusail International Circuit, and Jeddah Corniche Circuit, have received meticulous re-profiling, with changes to elevation, road surfaces, and off-track details. The game offers a visually modernized look while staying true to real-world changes.

Platform comparisons show that F1 24 performs well across all three consoles, with consistent visual features and stable frame rates. The PC version offers the best ray tracing features, providing more realistic reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion.

While F1 24 delivers a solid gaming experience with enhanced visuals and gameplay, it falls short in addressing performance issues during cutscenes, particularly on consoles with ray tracing features. Future updates promise further visual enhancements, but the pressure is on next year’s entry, F1 25, to deliver a more ambitious upgrade to the console experience.