stocks and their losses have probably brought so many Investor in the past few months, restless nights. Also Ölinvestments belong to the in the year 2018, less-than-satisfactory investment profession – unless investors have speculative set to the correct movement of the market. The bottom line is the price of a Barrel (approximately 159 litres) of Brent crude fell in the annual balance sheet by 20 percent. Calculated In euros, by the strength of the dollar, a decrease of 16 percent.

Kerstin Papon

editor in the economy.

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this year, the majority of of the F. A. Z. respondents, nearly two dozen financial institutions, however, a rise in the price of Oil predicts. On average, the F. A. Z-survey, the price is mid-year forecast 68 dollars, which would be a Plus of 17 percent. At the end of the year, it is said by the respondents to the Survey of oil price from an average of $ 69, or an increase of 19 percent.

The year of minus for crude oil, but should not obscure the fact that the actual price range in the previous year was great. At the beginning of October Brent reached a high of almost 87 dollars, among other things, because of the continuing supply fears. However, as economic Concerns increased, and the expectations, especially of the expansionary monetary policy of the American Central Bank, the Fed eased and the Dollar weakened, Oil prices have fallen again. In addition, for example, the sanctions against Iran proved less onerous than feared. In the year low Brent crude was finally to Christmas just under 50 dollars per Barrel.

BRENT — — (–) German BankBNP Paribas 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

Even if the majority of the institutes expect for this year, rising Oil prices, they differ in their predictions. During the Hamburg banking house M. M. Warburg, with his prediction for the mid – year of $ 50 and $ 55 in a year – a Minus of 14, or 5 per cent-at the bottom of the scale, is the highest forecast for the end of the year 77 dollars per Barrel. It derives from the French Bank Société Générale. Behind it, BNP Paribas, Erste Group Bank, Helaba, Postbank and UBS with $ 75 in the twelve months to follow. Of the Swiss Bank UBS the highest survey comes with $ 80 in addition, the value of the middle of the year.

A below-average Ölprognose the LBBW. On the Oil market supply surplus, the analysts justify their lowered forecast. The announced production cuts of Opec and its allies would reduce the Oversupply of crude oil in 2019, only slowly. The price is likely to trend to the markedly reduced level for the time being, sideways, down stopped the trend. The Nord LB is about average. The economy had lost noticeable speed, full braking is not to be feared, is it.

An imminent recession is unlikely, says Bernd Meyer, chief strategist of Berenberg. Nevertheless, the economic growth was low, and the political uncertainties remained diverse. The Dollar should lose in the course of the year, from strength to strength, which should favor raw materials, as soon as the recession abebbten fears.